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“Travelers” Wraps Up Filming for Season 3

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“Travelers” Wraps Up Filming for Season 3 Empty “Travelers” Wraps Up Filming for Season 3

Post by NerdyGirl on Sun Jul 15, 2018 5:49 pm

Travelers wrapped their filming of Season 3 in Vancouver this weekend. Throughout filming this season, the cast really gave their fans a chance to see them and what they do. They did multiple Instagram takeovers with the cast and crew where they showed the fans behind the scenes and answered questions while they were filming in different locations in Vancouver and also on set.

“Travelers” Wraps Up Filming for Season 3 Screen13

They all have been very tight-lipped about what happens in Season 3, but there have been hints, or possible red herrings about the ending of Season 3. Fans have been speculating if there is going to be a character death or something bigger ever since the cliffhanger that we were left with at the end of Season 2.

Are the Traveler teams still going to exist or are they going to be pulled back into their own time? Are we going to learn more about the mysterious Director who is issuing the orders? Is the Faction still perverting events to try and completely change what is going on and who is in power in the future? Are Marcy and David getting back to their version of normal? What about Kat and Grant – does their relationship survive all the hits it took during Season 2?
No matter what happens in Season 3, one thing is guaranteed: we are going to see some big things coming for our favorite time traveling team
“Travelers” Wraps Up Filming for Season 3 Screen14

Nerds and Beyond will be recapping one episode per week to lead us up to the Season 3 premiere in December, so stay tuned for that, and “Welcome to the 21st”.

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