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O. T. Fagbenle

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O. T. Fagbenle Empty O. T. Fagbenle

Post by LastSummersSweetheart on Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:32 pm

O. T. Fagbenle STRS-OT
Discussion thread for O.T. Fagbenle, who portrays Luke Bankole on the show.
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O. T. Fagbenle Empty Paleyfest 2018 Red Carpet Questions

Post by Alabama on Sun Mar 25, 2018 4:30 pm

O. T. Fagbenle OT-Handmaids-287x400
O-T Fagbenle, of The Handmaid’s Tale, on the red carpet for PaleyFest. Photo by: Brian To for the Paley Center

OTF: …[the second season] may be a little darker than the first.

Media: The first look images are very dark – you see blood and you see a funeral, so you think it’s going to be darker?

OTF: What it isn’t about is gore. That’s not really what it’s about, what it does is it kind of catches on to people’s anxieties and fears about where we are in the world right now. It kind of opens that book and that really captures people I think.

Media: How does it feel to be live on stage at the Dolby Theatre?

OTF: I’m so excited, this is such an iconic place and I’m really looking forward to it…

Media: How’s playing Luke informed your day-to-day thinking, in terms of activism and such?

OTF: I think it’s constantly a reminder that we all have a responsibility within our work to move things forward, and that might be in small ways, like starting off with a coworker or speaking out about certain issues. Being part of this show has definitely reminded me that things aren’t right, right now in the world, and change has to happen, we have to engage in that present and this role.

Media: How do you relax after shooting such a heavy, dark show?

OTF: To be honest, filming is fun. I love filming because Lizzie (Elisabeth Moss) is so funny and fun, Samira as well, she’s a joker, so I actually have a ball on set. Obviously when we’re filming it can get very dark, but between takes, it’s fun and giggles.

TheCelebrityCafe: What do you think of Luke and June getting together when Luke was married and will we get to see more of that situation next season?

OTF: We do get to explore Luke and June’s relationship beforehand. You’re right, Luke was married. That’s the whole reason why June ends up a handmaid, is because of that sin that she committed by being an “adulteress,” so there is some exploration of their relationship.

Paleyfest 2018 Red Carpet Questions
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