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Top Rated Episodes According To IMDB

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Top Rated Episodes According To IMDB

Post by Steve Harrington on Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:56 am

This is a list of the top fan voted episodes according to IMDB.
IMDB rating system is 1-10 I list lowest to highest and any ties will be determined by the amount of votes.

IMDB is far from being an unbiased rating system so comment your personal favorites below. 
Any overrated/underrated episodes?
If you would like to vote for these shows you need an IMDB account you can then rate them here
Here we go the top 17 rated epsiodes

#17 S2 Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister 
Rating: 6.2/10 13,943 votes
Psychic visions draw Eleven to a band of violent outcasts and an angry girl with a shadowy past.

#16 S2 Chapter One: MADMAX
Rating 8.4/10 9,596 votes

As the town preps for Halloween, a high-scoring rival shakes things up at the arcade, and a skeptical Hopper inspects a field of rotting pumpkins.

#15 S2 Chapter Two: Trick Or Treat, Freak
Rating 8.5/10 8,701 votes

After Will sees something terrible on trick-or-treat night, Mike wonders whether Eleven's still out there. Nancy wrestles with the truth about Barb.

#14 S1 Chapter Two: The Weirdo On Maple Street
Rating 8.5/10 11,440 votes

Mike hides the mysterious girl in his house. Joyce gets a strange phone call.

#13 S1 Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers 
Rating 8.6/10 12,829 votes

At the U.S. Dept. of Energy an unexplained event occurs. Then when a young Dungeons and Dragons playing boy named
Will disappears after a night with his friends, his mother Joyce and the town of Hawkins are plunged into darkness.

#12 S2 Chapter Two: The Pollywag
Rating 8.7/10 8,505 votes

Dustin adopts a strange new pet, and Eleven grows increasingly impatient. A well-meaning Bob urges Will to stand up to his fears.

#11 S2 Chapter Four: Will The Wise
Rating 8.8/10 8,323 votes

An ailing Will opens up to Joyce -- with disturbing results. While Hopper digs for the truth, Eleven unearths a surprising discovery.

#10 S1 Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat
Rating 8.8/10 10,570 votes

Hopper breaks into the lab to find the truth about Will's death. The boys try to locate the "gate" that will take them to Will.

#9 S1 Chapter Six: The Monster
Rating 8.9/10 10,396 votes

Hopper and Joyce find the truth about the lab's experiments. After their fight, the boys look for the missing Eleven.

#8 S1 Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly
Rating 8.9/10 11,482 votes

An increasingly concerned Nancy looks for Barb and finds out what Jonathan's been up to. Joyce is convinced Will is trying to talk to her.

#7 S2 Chapter Five: Dig Dug
Rating 9.0/10 8,534 votes

Nancy and Jonathan swap conspiracy theories with a new ally as Eleven searches for someone from her past. "Bob the Brain" tackles a difficult problem.

#6 S1 Chapter Four: The Body
Rating 9.0/10 11,263 votes

Refusing to believe Will is dead, Joyce tries to connect with her son. The boys give Eleven a makeover. Jonathan and Nancy form an unlikely alliance.

#5 S1 Chapter Seven: The Bathtub
Rating 9.1/10 10,972 votes

The government comes searching for Eleven. Eleven looks for Will in the Upside Down.

#4 S2 Chapter Six: The Spy
Rating 9.1/10 9,288 votes

Will's connection to a shadowy evil grows stronger but no one's quite sure how to stop it. Elsewhere, Dustin and Steve forge an unlikely bond.

#3 S1 Chapter Eight: The Upside Down
Rating 9.3/10 12,897 votes

Joyce and Hopper are taken in for questioning. Nancy and Jonathan prepare to fight the monster and save Will.

#2 S2 Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer
Rating 9.4/10 10,144 votes

Bob steps forward when a deadly development puts the Hawkins lab on lockdown, trapping Will and several others inside.

#1 S2 Chapter Nine: The Gate
Rating 9.4/10 11,333 votes

Eleven makes plans to finish what she started while the survivors turn up the heat on the monstrous force that's holding Will

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Steve Harrington
Steve Harrington
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Re: Top Rated Episodes According To IMDB

Post by NerdyGirl on Fri Feb 23, 2018 4:05 pm

Awesome thread Steve!!! thank you so much!!
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